Our Valued Partners

BushProof has worked with numerous national and international NGOs and donors including SAF / FJKM, World Bank, German Agro Action (AAA), Medair, Tearfund, ICCO, BioForce and Andrew Lees Trust (ALT), UNICEF, Catholic Relief Services (CRS), CARE, Swiss Intercooperation (SAHA), Voahary Salama, Rotary Madagascar, Ankizy Fund, Engineers Without Borders (EWB), Hydrauliciens Sans Frontiers (HSF), Electricien Sans Frontiers (ESF), Codegaz, USAID, Assemblies of God (AOG), Wildfowel & Wetlands Trust (WWT), Durrell, and many more. 
We also work with private sector clients such as international agro businesses, hotel and restaurant businesses and multinational mining companies. Finally, and most importantly, we work closely with the Malagasy people at all levels, from government officials in Antananarivo to local leaders and their constituents in small rural communities.