Testing & Analysis

BushProof believes that clean water is a fundamental human right for every individual. Unfortunately, water found in the natural environment is not always clean and knowledge of water quality is therefore vital in regards to user health and appropriate use of water. For this reason, BushProof has invested in the capacity to test and analyse your water source to ensure the best quality possible.


We have years of experience testing in Madagascar from our laboratory in Antananarivo to remote sites accessible only by canoe. We take pride in performing same day bacteriological tests (within 6 hours of sampling) as well as various physio-chemical tests. Water samples are collected according to procedure and stored in appropriate containers. See below for a list of all parameters we currently test for. Bushproof can help you understand Malagasy and International water regulations such as the Code de l’Eau and Manuel de Procedures as well as the WHO Guidlines to Water Quality. Please contact us if you have questions or water quality needs.



Thermotolerant coliform


Turbidity / Conductivity / Temperature / TDS / Nitrate & Nitrites / Iron & Manganese / Arsenic / Fluoride / Total & Free Chlorine residual / Chloride