Custom Water Systems

BushProof has a wealth of experience designing and installing potable water systems in both urban and remote locations. We focus on 1) systems designed to serve small to medium rural village populations and 2) small private systems appropriate for schools, hospitals, hotels and individual households. Each situation is carefully studied and the system is designed to achieve the best water quantity and quality for the end user. Summary:
Where appropriate, spring sources can be tapped and protected for gravity-fed systems. We have experience with spring box protection as well as small dam collection.
If no spring sources are available, we can install pumping stations to supply system water. These stations include a borehole or wellhead, pumping system (solar, wind or thermal) and secure housing. We have extensive expertise in designing and implementing solar pumping systems.
Reservoirs are designed to suit the needs of the end user. We have experience with reinforced concrete, ferrocement and plastic tanks which can be installed directly or elevated on towers.
If necessary, we can install a treatment component to the system. We have experience with chlorinators and dosing pumps as well as slow and rapid sand filtration units.
The system distribution is custom designed to meet the needs of individual clients and / or communities. A typical community installation may include public or small group and private tapstands. Metered tapstands are encouraged where appropriate.