Booking Page

To be accepted on a training, each applicant must fill out an application form, which you will find here. Please email this to the address provided on the form.

Our booking conditions are available here.

Please do not send in speculative applications (i.e. if you are not sure you will attend, or have not secured funds). We plan the trainings based on the number of applicants, so it creates a big problem for us when people default.

After we receive your application form, we will send out an invoice along with other relevant documents (see below) to allow you to prepare for the course. We can only guarantee a place for an applicant upon full receipt of course fees – once an application has been made, we will retain the applicant’s name on the participant list until the final payment date on the invoice, after which we may choose to give the space to another applicant.

Note that any organization booking 5 places can get a 6th place for FREE. We need a minimum attendance of 8 applicants to make the course viable, otherwise we will have to cancel the course. Our cut-off date is 1½ months prior to the course start date – so please confirm with us prior to paying for international flights.

An arrival guide to hotels in Antananarivo will be sent to all applicants together with the invoice. This allows participants to choose and organize their own accommodation and includes telephone and email contacts. Please read this information carefully as it will contain all you need to know to plan your trip. BushProof can help participants if they are having difficulties in arranging things, but please note that we are primarily a training organization, not a logistical one. Daily expenses (hotel, taxi, etc) will likely be in range of 20 To 50 Euro – further details are in the arrival guide. Applicants will also receive a recommended reading list prior to the course.